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So i thought this was pretty cool. I was flipping through the channels last week..(having MTS tv there is quite a selection) and i came across Revenge Of the Sith. The 3rd episode and last Star Wars movie made. I thought it was pretty cool that it was on tv.. seeing that it was the world broadcast premier.

Turns out that Spike is playing the complete Star Wars Saga. Sadly i couldn’t blog about this soonner because they started airing them last week. They started with “The Phantom Menace”, then “Attack of the Clones”, then “The Revenge Of the Sith”.. Which are Episodes 1,2,3… This weekend the Saga on Spike contiunes with “A New Hope”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi”.

Check Spike T.V. for more details.

(I so need to get me one of those Force Fx Lightsabers…. )