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In respect to today being EARTH DAY all across North America, I thought I would put together a quick guide to keeping Winnipeg nice and green this Summer. There are various ways to contribute to the environment, here are some highlights…

Use Water Wisely
Though the Earth is almost all Water – The water we use at home is not easily made. The purification process of water actually causes as much damage to the environment as polluted water does. Use water safely! Turn off the sink when its not being used, take shorter showers, and reuse water when possible such as putting cooking water into your plants.

Commute/Car Pool/Bike
Winnipeg has wonderful weather coming this Summer – we should use it to our advantage! For short distant errands, walk or bike to your destination. For long distance trips such as trips to work or school, car pool or commute to avoid the addition of carbon gas into our atmosphere.

Old Electronics to Bestbuy
A huge problem these days are the dispense of electronic components that do harm to our environment. Bestbuy which has 2 locations (St James and Regent) are doing a recycle program this month that gives you up to $100 credit for your old electronics! Read here for more details.

Hang Your Cloths Out To Dry
Another great way to take advantage of the wonderful weather we are having. Save energy by hanging your cloths outside to dry.

Eco Friendly Socials
Winnipeg is Social Capital of Canada!! There are so many things we can do to make our socials more eco friendly. I can’t stress enough how many plastic/Styrofoam cups I see going into regular garbage cans. Plastic cups should be recycled, as well as beer cans. Leftover food can go into compost. When purchasing food, buy them in large bulk quantities to reduce packaging – example, purchase a 4L of Apple Juice instead of grabbing 4 1L cartons that are on sale.

The examples above are not the only way we can contribute to the planet this Summer. Be creative and use your judgment wisely! Though we probably wont see the effects of greenhouse gas in our life time – we should think about our kids, and our kids kids. Their future is in our hands.