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Last night, several of the Access Winnipeg editors (and our awesome photographer) met up with DJ GI at Blush UltraClub for the Kanye West – Official Glow-in-the-Dark After Party. Thanks to Never Nervous Entertainment for the passes and Blush UltraClub for a great time.

Read more about our encounter after the break.

After meeting GI briefly at the beginning of the night, he did his best to help us get in with Lupe. I can honestly say Lupe is probably one of the most laid back artists I’ve ever met. I had the opportunity to ask him how he felt about competing on the charts with artist like Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and 50 Cent and he responds by saying, “Competing? Right now my record is #1. It’s been up there for weeks”. How else to respond but to say, “So while the other guys tried to concentrate on quantity over quality, you one-upped them and went straight for the top”.

The Access Winnipeg Cru also spotted our contest winner Deanna A in the VIP lounge partying with Lupe. Be sure to stay tuned for bigger and better contests!!!

Thanks to Lupe Fiasco and International DJ, DJ GI for signing a “sur-prize” (pictured below) that is being given away this week!!! Check out our forums on how to win!!