MANITOBA VOID STICKER on 1986 TO 1998 BASEPLATE Originally uploaded by woody1778a

Today is Manitoba Day, probably one of the most least celebrated holidays in the year :) I think the government should move some of that ‘Spirited Energy’ funding towards making Manitoba Day a REAL holiday!! Anyone else agree? Two long weekends in May are fine by me!

Random Manitoba Facts via Wikipedia:
– Population as of 2008: 1,193,566
– Manitoba turns 138 years old today
– Officially recognized by the Federal Government in 1870
– Manitoba was originally part of the Northwest Territories and became the first Province created from the Territories
– Manitoba comes from the native word “manitou” which means spirit
– Capital and largest city is Winnipeg, with a population of 633,451
– Other cities with more than 10,000 people are Brandon, Thompson, Portage la Prairie, and Steinbach