THREE HOURS OF PHOTOSHOP AND COREL Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

I was going to post about this yesterday but my computer suffered a meltdown due to the intense rendering needed to create that picture. Above, is my sample interpretation of the new G-Force, from the maker of Gatorade.

G-Force, from the maker of Gatorade is a new, orange-flavoured Slurpee that will be debuting in Winnipeg two weeks earlier than anywhere else. Not only that, but HOT 103 will be stopping by the 7-Eleven on St. Mary’s Road (right by St. Vital Center) from 6-10 am., offering some pretty sick prizes just waiting to be won. Prizes include but not limited to…

– Glow In The Dark concert tickets
– ‘Get Smart’ movie passes (for 4) – the first ones given away to the HOT 103 advance screening coming this June
– G-Force, from the maker of Gatorade – 103 free Slurpees!

Free samples can only be picked up THIS FRIDAY. That’s tommorow, the 16th of May. We’ve got two whole weeks to enjoy this before other locales but the freeness is for one day only!

Special thanks to Col and Ace from HOT 103!