no snow Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

I was laughing during and after that awesome snowfall we had mid to late April. I’m sure you all remember that. Especially if you were already rolling on summer wheels/tires. I, on the other hand, was too lazy to change over. My excuse, of course, was the “We’re totally getting more snow, just watch people!”.

After yesterday’s thunder showers though, I was convinced. Snow will not hit us again. Maybe it’s time to swap to the summer wheels. So who better to help me, than a friend from local car club Zucru, Jessie D.! He’s rocking an ’02 Blue WRX and will be entering at this year’s Driven To Perform on July 5th.

My winter wheels kinda helped me save gas. I would be less likely to ever really step on it, ya know? With the way prices are now… premium hurts. Anyway, DTP’s Winnipeg site is up so check it out!