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What’s the first thing on my friend’s “To Do list” this morning? Why, hit some dingers at a driving range of course! But the weather seems to think otherwise. With a chance of thunderstorms and gray skies looming about, we’d be forced to hit up the Golf Dome. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely place. Great, clean facility. But they’re still operating under winter prices. 24 dollars an hour.. plus tax. Quite the premium for convenience. I think I’ll give Toro’s or Player’s a call in an hour, if it hasn’t already starting pouring out. Here’s to an active wanna-be lifestyle!

Roger D. just sent this in. Along with it, a message with a skewed quote from Rocky IV’s “Ivan Drago”. Read more to see it… live it.

“We should just hit up a normal range.. if it rains.. it rains.. – Ivan Drago, Rocky IV” – Roger D.