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I didn’t even like sushi. A past relationship led me to my first experience with the food and it was one I wish to never revisit.

One year ago my friends invited me out for wings. It turned out to be a lie and I ended up standing outside this little sushi joint on Corydon. Appalled, I demanded we change the location of our outing. This changed as soon as we entered. I was greeted by cute waitresses and a smiling sushi chef. “Alright, let’s give this a go.”

I can’t even remember what I had the first time there. I know that I usually get chicken karaage, phila rolls and/or tuna tempura rolls now. I honestly don’t know what it is that help me overcome the hate I had for sushi, but I know I’ve come to love the food and the service here. I’m no sushi connoisseur, but my set and I have become regulars here and I would recommend this spot to anyone and everyone. She’s the perfect setting for a quiet night out with friends.

Sushiya Ltd
659 Corydon Avenue
(204) 452-3916