Top 5 Fishing Spots Near Winnipeg
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A lot of people always say… “Why Fishing?!?!” But until they let loose, get away from the city, crack open a ice cold beer iced tea, cast their rod in and relax on a nice hot day on the river shores, they will never know what they are missing.

Here is a few hot fishing spots in the Winnipeg area….

5. Maple Grove Park
Possibly the best place to go within city limits, but don’t expect to find much fish anymore since it seems they have been cleaned out. But who knows, maybe you can still get lucky.

4. Pine Falls
Further up North from the city is Pine Falls, a wonderful and beautiful place to fish. Unfortunately, the rushing currents make it a very dangerous as well. However, if you take care of yourself, it’s a guaranteed GREAT time! Expect quite a drive to get there though.

3. Portage La Prairie
The Portage La Prairie dam West of Winnipeg is another great place to fish in Manitoba. Closer than Pine Falls (40 minute drive) and is right by the nice small town of Portage La Prairie. The the tides can get very dangerous, so bringing kids here isn’t recommended. Fish are always looking for great dam places to spawn at and the Portage dam is perfect.

2. Selkirk
About a hour North of Winnipeg is Selkirk, Manitoba where you can enjoy some nice classic fishing. Whether at Selkirk Park or just down the shore, it’s always a great place to find numerous amounts of bass. Selkirk Park also offers a great camp ground and park environment with a swimming pool, baseball diamond and play structure for the kids.

1. Lockport
The Lockport dam has always been my favorite fishing spot. If you want a lot of action, the Lockport dam is where you want to be. Located just 30 minutes North of Winnipeg, they also have Skinners Wet & Wild where you can drop the kids off. Be weary though, the North-east side of the dam can get really busy some summer nights. A stop at Half Moon Drive In is also a must after a long day of fishing.

Lets keep this fishing season safe this year everyone! What are some of your HOT SPOTS to go fishing thats within radius? Any awesome fishing stories you can share?