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Top Tuesdays is a weekly exclusive column that will feature Winnipeg’s top 5 or 10 places, things, people, and everything else. If you have any suggestions for a Top Tuesday feature, please send it to us in the submit news page.


Calgary seems to be the biggest ‘craze’ these days. More and more Winnipers have been moving out to begin a new life in Calgary, but a lot also decide to come back. Here is a list of 5 things I believe Calgary has over Winnipeg besides an exploding economy….

IKEA, located on 11th St, remains to be one of the number 1 furniture stores in North America. The chain has 278 stores in 36 countries (including Israel and the Middle East), Winnipeg is not one of them.

The last time I visited Calgary they had 2 Krispy Kremes, not sure if that number has risen or not, but I can be sure that it hasn’t declined. The infamous Glaze Doughnuts that are rumored to be ‘Equivalent to 2 Big Mac’s per Doughnut’ calorie-wise is still missing in Winnipeg. Though there are a few stores, such as Walmart and Co-Op Gas Stations, that import a few boxes and have them on sale for a day or two. But nothing beats a FRESH, WARM, bite into a Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut fresh from the oven!

The days of the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets rivalries are gone. Its been over 12 years since we had a professional National Hockey League team and with the success of the Manitoba Moose, it is just a matter of time till we have our next. Lets just hope they don’t name our team ‘Spirited Energy’

Winnipeg Climatological Data for the Month of January:
Average Low: -23

Calgary Climatological Data for the Month of January:
Average Low: -15

Enough said.

Competing against Manitoba’s beautiful prairies and miles of sunflower and wheat fields are… Yes, North Americas world famous Rocky Mountains and Banff. A 2 hour drive from a fairly ‘hill-ious’ Calgary comes Banff and the amazing Mountains within. There is no words to explain the beauty if the mountains, and though Winnipegs prairie crop fields put food in our mouths, it just DOES NOT stand a chance against Banff’s mountains. And I wont even get to mentioning how our ‘flood-way’ ski area compares to Banff.

There you have it. Todays Top Tuesdays. With all these wonderful things in Calgary, a lot of people still tend to return home to Winnipeg. Reasons? There are various things, but for me, the thing I would miss most about Winnipeg is my family. Not only my close family, but also my distant family such as aunt, uncles and cousins. So what is keeping you in Winnipeg? Let us know in the comments!