XBOX 360 HD DVD Originally uploaded by Wei Chen

I wasn’t going to post this until I got one for myself, but thats how much I love the Access Winnipeg readers :)

Hit up your Walmarts as quick as you can cuz stock wont last long as this is a DEAD format, I repeat, this is a DEAD format.

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you aren’t aware that HD-DVD movies are no longer in production and BLU-RAY is the only HD format available now. But why would you want a HD-DVD player? Many reasons!

1. You can use it to upconvert your standard DVD movies to 720p or 1080i!
2. You can get REALLY cheap HD movies that are on clearance such as TV Show Box Sets and old time favorites!
3. Its $20!!!!!

If anyone hits up a 24 hour walmart upon reading this, grab one for me too!! I’ll make sure to hook you up with $20+tax + something nice.