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One of the few tv shows that made it through the horrendous writers strike is coming to its season finale tonight.

Smallville will end its seventh season tonight, but no worries, they have already been officially picked up for a eighth. If you haven’t heard, Lex Luthor (played by Michael Rosenbaum) will not be returning for season eight, this will be his last episode as a series regular. So I am very curious to see what the writers have written up for his depart (they obviously can’t kill Lex Luthor off since he returns in the Superman Movies)

The rumored villains for next year are a new female villain, and Doomsday – the only nemesis in DC comic book universe to have killed Superman. It should be great!

The finale of Smallville airs on A-Channel (Channel 8 on SHAW and MTS) tonight at 8pm.