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Top Tuesdays is a weekly exclusive column that will feature Winnipeg’s top 5 or 10 places, things, people, and everything else. If you have any suggestions for a Top Tuesday feature, please send it to us in the submit news page.


Winnipeg has one of the largest selections of great restaurants per capita in Canada which is why we’ve selected the Top 5 Places to Eat in Osborne.

5) Billabong Restaurant and Bar
D121 Osborne
(204) 452-1019

A taste of the down under and a huge selection of local, imported and imported from really far away beers. The walls are plastered with Australian memorabilia but not exactly enough to go above #5 on our list. Menu is nothing too crazy and I believe they have alligator or some weird animal appetizers.


4) Buccacinos Cucina Italiana
155 Osborne Street
(204) 452-8251

This is a nice “family” restaurant in Osborne. Brunch is OK, but the Pasta Tuesday special for $7.95 is a great deal….and who in Winnipeg doesn’t love a deal?

3) Mise
222 Osborne Street
(204) 284-7916

Fairly expensive but great food usually is. Comparable to Fusion Grill, this place has an eclectic mix of food. The atmosphere in the basement is wicked awesome, but this is more of a date place, not a weekly dining place. Be prepared to drop 100 bucks for two plates and an appetizer (more if you’re trying to impress the lady friend).

2) Fude
99 Osborne Street
(204) 284-3833

Fude is cheaper than Mise which is why it’s one up from it. Do your best to get on Chris’ Fude VIP list and you will be invited to all of his special events where he tends to kick the regular menu up a knotch or two. Something I am always reminded about…there is no banquet seating at these special events.

1) Meiji Sushi – River Avenue
454 River Avenue
(204) 284-3996

What’s better than the best sushi in Osborne? Not much, so while you’re here, try the fashion roll or any one of the hand rolls. These are to die for!!! Also, when you’re done with dinner downstairs you can head upstairs to G Martini which is a wicked hangout any time of the week. Hot servers, cool bartenders and some of the best martinis in the city. I like the Green Lizard…excellent.