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A 15 year old boy was buried alive at Stony Mountain late Friday morning. The boy was working in a construction area where he was buried by hot asphalt at a job.

Richard Hall was loading his truck on his driveway when he heard screams of “Help! Help!”


Richard Hall Stony Mountain Resident:

“I ran through the backyard and saw one guy running with a shovel saying, ‘He’s buried.’ I looked around for a shovel and ran over and began shoveling. We got down to his hair… there was just no movement. No movement at all.”


Wallace Drysdale Stony Mountain/Rockwood Fire Chief:

“There was a young man buried completely up to his hair in hot asphalt,” he said.

Drysdale said the asphalt company had been dumping a trailer full of asphalt into a massive pile to use for various projects around town.

“He’d been standing behind the truck, from what we gather, and the load dumped on him. It knocked him over,” he said of the victim.

“Some tried to dig by hand too, so they were burning their hands trying to do it.”

Drysdale said crews knew the victim was dead immediately after arriving, and had to dig to extricate his body.

“In a case like this, when you’re buried that deep, whether it’s asphalt or not, you’re usually deceased,” he said, adding it’s impossible to breath with so much pressure.

“It’s horrible,” he said. “Especially this guy. He was pretty young.”