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I had the chance to read this disturbing story in the Sun this Morning.
Really not the first thing i want to hear about at 7am.

The Readers Digest version:
An infant was left in a pickup alone, in 30+ weather with the windows just barely cracked open while the mother “ran into Super Store”. Someone found the baby crying and was off in a jiffy trying to find the owner to get the baby out of the truck. When the owner was found it didn’t even phase her that leaving her child in the car was pure child abuse.

I remember constant warnings to never leave your animals in the car during hot weather. I think people just made the assumption that you wouldn’t do it to your baby. I guess some people need things clearly laid out. Never mind the fact you should never leave you baby unsupervised, period.

I’m not going to get into a HUGE rant this morning, but I really believe that the courts should be able to order sterilization. Or maybe promote abortion more? I understand it’s your own body, but if you are not responsible enough to take care of a child, should you really have the choice to have them??

Please don’t start pro-life/pro-choice debate in the comments. :)