Two Hours of Death Originally uploaded by Seth W.

This may be hard for some people to stomach, so read at your own risk if you’ve got a weak stomach.

I heard from a friend that national news reported on a stabbing that happened on a Greyhound bus headed for Winnipeg. I find out from local news that there was more to this story.

The man was beheaded.

After being stabbed several times, from what appeared to be an unprovoked attack, the assailant then decapitated the victim and raised the head for the passengers to see. The bus driver and the other passengers were able to get out of the bus safely, while locking the attacker inside. The bus driver disabled the bus’ motor from the rear somehow, to stop the bus from moving. Sure enough, the attacker tried to start the bus. Things get more messed up though, as the guy then begins to mutilate the victims body. People were still outside the bus in the middle of the Trans Can Highway.

36 witnesses were taken to Brandon for questioning and also given crisis counseling. Young and old, the witnesses had a wide age range and I’m sure this kind of event can really do a number to ones senses.

No updates about the suspect or the status of the investigation yet.. but… man, I’m really still in shock. There were KIDS on this bus. If the attack was really unprovoked, then this could’ve been anyone. Even writing about it doesn’t sit well.

Slide show shots of the investigation found here at the Winnipeg Free Press.