Jabbawockeez @ Blush July 21, 2008 Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

The night itself was a little unorganized. VIP ticket situation was a slight letdown for numerous reasons…

VIP bracelets were not available at the door when they opened, VIP section was not open during the show, VIP seemed to mean nothing come meet and greet time, VIP doors were opened up to non-vip ticket holders and fans were not being kept in the loop as to when they would be able to meet Jabba. I am a little disappointed that I paid the extra cash for VIP when it was clearly not necessary, for the meet and greet. Nothing seemed to be executing according to the planned schedule announced before the show.

The promoter rectified the situation by posting his apology on Facebook and hopes to make sure the next event isn’t run in this fashion. He also made the effort to run around and ensure all VIP guests had the appropriate bracelets. I hope the lessons learned will show through at Girlicious.

So on to the performances…
I’ve never ever seen Sikat perform before. I wasn’t exactly blown away with their performance, but I do applaud them for putting together a routine like that. There were some moments were members of the group were off or looked a bit lost, but they got right back into the performance. All in all they did a great job in organizing a routine in such short notice – they only found out they were opening for the Jabbawockeez a week before at DTP.

Dangerous Goods was CRAAAZY. I’ve seen them perform before, but I haven’t seen them in quite some time. Their performance could have been something you would have seen on ABDC. Very entertaining, good amount of choreography and tricks, and each member being highlighted. They were definitely a good choice to have open up for Jabbawockeez.

And finally, Jabbawockeez performance. What can I say? They DEFINITELY deserved the title of “America’s BEST Dance Crew.” I remember watching the show and always looking forward to their performance, and I was never disappointed. Last night was the same. Their performance rocked. They did some known performances like “Apologize” and “The Red Pill” but they also threw in some “new” stuff. ( I say “new” because it was stuff they didn’t perform on the show, but i have seen on youtube =P ) And by now, i’m sure everyone knows that Jabbawockeez consists of more than just the 6 guys on the show.

The ones in Winnipeg included:
Kevin Brewer
Ben Chung
Eddie Gutierrez
Randy Bernal
and Saso Jimenez (not Phi Nguyen as stated by Soundwave)

It was a long wait for them to come on stage, but it was well worth it. If you don’t believe me, check out their performance after the jump…

Sikat Opening for Jabbawockeez


Dangerous Goods Opening for Jabbawockeez


Jabbawockeez Performance Part 1 of 2


Jabbawockeez Performance Part 2 of 2


Jabbawockeez @ Blush Photos