Welcome to Saskatchewan Originally uploaded by Kris Griffon

You may have seen the various billboards around Winnipeg marketing Saskatchewan employment. I’ve been passing by the one on Kenaston and Sterling Lyon Parkway everyday for the past few weeks. Yes, they’ve been confusing me too, but rest assure, the province is not trying to get rid of us!

Our neighbors in Saskatchewan have started a $400,000 marketing campaign promoting more than 9,000 unfilled jobs. But with booming economies such as Alberta’s, our friendly neighbors have a lot of work in front of them before Manitoban’s take a second look at moving to Saskatchewan. But for some people, this may be the ticket to a new life they’ve been looking for!

Visit www.saskjobs.ca to view the various positions available – and no, Access Winnipeg is not part of the $400,000 marketing campaign :)