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That’s right. After buying it with actual money from a dealer or private seller, you can also have it registered legally now thanks to a change in our import laws. Phreezee from local car club forum Zucru.ca found this.


“This amendment, for the first time in 26 years, eliminates the barrier to the importation of passenger cars, which do not have bumpers that meet the Canadian bumper safety standard.”

It’s quite the read. But what a read! No more finding loop holes to get that weekend warrior covered! Cars like the Volkswagen R32, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII and IX can now be imported. This is only for cars that are available to the U.S. market and the 15 year rule still applies to cars not made for either of our markets. That being said, there’s a white Evo IV driving around the city… I don’t know how she’s on the road as she’s not passed the 15 year mark and was not available for the U.S. market. She sure was hot as hell though. I saw it at Motion!

With kids importing Skylines and Sylvias, this will definitely help keep the scene diverse as we can now bring up a few more cars that we couldn’t before. Also, please do your research when bringing things up. Don’t be a victim of flood damage or the likes.

Thanks again to Phreezee!