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The Greyhound Bus Killer has been identified as Vincent Weiguang Li of Edmonton, AB (Photoed above by the Winnipeg Free Press). While in custody, Li has not spoken a word nor asked for a lawyer. He did however nod slightly when asked if he was exercising his right not to speak. The judge has (obviously) ordered a psychological exam for Vincent Weiguang Li who is the accused in the bizarre event.

Li’s right hand was tightly bandaged, possibly due to handling the knife he’s alleged to have used to kill and behead the victim, earlier identified as Tim McLean, 22, of Winnipeg. Tim worked with a traveling carnival and was coming home from Edmonton when the incident happened. The family of Tim McLean has confirmed he was the victim of the bizarre attack.

The RCMP Police Scanner Audio from that night was also leaked onto the internet. You can listen to it at liveleak.com. Please be advised, the Audio/Pictures in the video may be disturbing for some readers.

The AccessWinnipeg team sends out our condolences to the McLean family during this very tragic time.