Where the old pine creek railway crossed the Katherine River Originally uploaded by yewenyi (文意)

A closed railway was put up for sale by CN recently. The land did not goto local residents, but instead was sold another undisclosed party. Leader of the local residents, Lubomyr Melnyk, rallied $500,000 by going door to door to buy the land and use it as green space. Like a neighborhood garden patch. A long, long strip of garden patch. The railway runs from Academy to Centennial and right beside Lockwood St.

Well, that’s a shame. Greener is better. Or is it… can people guess that CN probably sold it because the undisclosed party offered more money? More of the “green” so to speak? No? This apparently isn’t the last of it though. Should this group choose to build apartments or condos in the area, local residents may raise hell.