My Jugo Juice Originally uploaded by roland

Polo Park just got served 3 more food court restaurants. As reported beforeJugo Juice, Bento Sushi Express and Thai Express which were all under construction, are now open.

Jugo Juice was the only one out of the 3 that I had an opportunity to try. Look to spend about $4 – $6 here. Along with various combination’s of fruit juices being sold the restaurant also offers a selection on sandwiches and wraps. I personally got to taste the Watermelon Wiggle drink. The Watermelon Wiggle consisted of Watermelon, Mango juice and Nectarine juice. It was quite tasty. Not too sour and just the right amount of sweet. The juice had a fine slushy consistency which was surprising because I was expecting more of a Orange Julius like consistency.

Look for more restaurants like King Pie, and Opa Souvlaki to open up soon.