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It has always frustrated me how companies such as SHAW and MTS, often offer CHEAP promotional introductory internet or TV rates to NEW customers but don’t reward their loyal customers who have been with them for years. On various occasions I have asked a Customer Service Rep. to put me on ‘this‘ plan and they would state “I’m sorry, that plan is only for NEW customers.” I would reply with “Well why don’t I just cancel and come back?” Customer Rep: “You can do that but you will have to wait 3 months till you can sign up for a new account.”

Hence why a lot of people today do ‘Provider-hopping’. They do the 6-month promotion with MTS – cancel – then do the 6-month promotion with SHAW – cancel and do it all over again.

As bad as Rogers Wireless is, EVEN they let me switch over my cell phone plan to WHATEVER plan I want if a cheaper plan shows up. And when my contract is over, they often offer a plan that NO new customer can get.

I’ve been with MTS TV/INTERNET/HOME PHONE for 4 years now, and who do I get for being a loyal customer? A bill nearly 4 times larger than a friend of mine who signed up for MTS last week.

Finally being fed up, I gave MTS a call and said enough is enough – I am canceling my internet and TV services with MTS and moving to Shaw to take advantage of their introductory rates.

I’ve never had any luck with MTS in the past, whenever I told them I am moving to SHAW, they let me cancel without any effort in try to keep me as a customer. But this time it was different. The great Retentions officer offered me a excellent deal if I chose to stay with MTS.

$29.99/month for my Lighting Internet Plan
Regular Price $42.95 – New Customer Price $24.95

$29.99/month for my TV (plus 9 theme groups)
Regular Price $52.99 – New Customer Price $24.99 (11 theme groups)

My Internet/TV bill WAS $95.94 ($52.99+$42.95)

I am now paying only $59.98 for both services!! Still a little bit more than a new customer would, but WAY less than what I was paying a few months ago. A $39.96 savings!

Since I have my HOME phone with MTS as well (like I have a choice – voip is NOT an option) I received a $10 bundle discount.

And as an optional add-on which I took advantage of (Olympics in HD!!):
$149 for a HD-Receiver for HD-Channels ($349 value)
She would WAIVE the $99 Installation Charge
2 Years of HD Programming FREE

So if you are a loyal MTS customer and are fed up with paying more than you should be, then give MTS a call at CALL-MTS (225-5687) and ask for the retentions department (or say you want to cancel and they should forward you to the retentions department) See if they can offer you a better rate than what you are paying today.

Thank you MTS for finally showing that you care as much about your current customers as you do new ones.