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Words CAN NOT explain how excited I am right now. I was watching YTV last night (for reasons still unknown) when I saw an ad for YTV Retro Week from August 11th to 17th in celebration of YTV’s 20th Birthday!

Reminds me of the good old Shaw Analog days when YTV was on Channel 24. So between the Olympics, YTV Retro Week, and my trip to Las Vegas – oh boy! I got a good month ahead of me!

Heres a youtube vid of PJ “Fresh” Phil in ‘The Zone’ to bring back memories (If the photo above didn’t do it for you already)


Some shows that were on the ad:
– Reboot (Yessssssssss!!!!!)
– Rugrats
– Rokkos Modern Life (Yessssssssssssss!!!)
– Uh-Oh
– PJ “Fresh” Phil w/ Snit (WOOOooooooooo!!!)

Oh man, some shows I would LOVE to see come back:
– Samurai Pizza Cats
– That show with Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson!
– Adventures of TinTin
– Darkwing Duck
– Gargoyles

How about you guys? What are those shows that bring you back to your childhood as a little boy or girl?