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Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended the Philippines Folklorama Pavilion on Tuesday in hopes to gain Filipino voter support in Manitoba for a possible federal election.

“The Filipino community, some 40,000 strong here, has deep roots here and is an integral part of the community,” Harper said. “There are nearly half a million Canadians of Filipino heritage living in commmunities right across Canada. And everywhere they are recognized and appreciated as people who work hard, look after their families, and contribute to our society.”

In addition, the value of trade between Canada and the Philippines is substantial. The southeast-Asian country is Canada’s single largest agricultural trading partner, worth close to $1.5 billion, Harper said.

After his speech he sat with a few Manitoba MPs to enjoy a traditional Philippine dinner and watch a performance of a traditional Philippine dance. I was wondering why there were so many cop cars around Billy Mosienko Arena last night!