Power for Laptop, USB for iPod! Originally uploaded by Taekwonweirdo

Air Canada has finalized a deal with Aircell to finally provide in flight WiFi (Wireless Internet) on selected flights – making it the FIRST Canadian airlines to do so. The service provided by Aircell is called Gogo, read more about Gogo here. Air Canada already provides a power outlet for laptops and a USB input for iPods, so this should make those 8 hour flights even more comfortable than ever!

Starting this Spring 2009, WiFi will be available on “select flights” on A319 aircraft serving the US. The airline currently has 35 A319s. Passengers will have the option of hopping online for only C$12.95, a very easy price to pay. No details yet on how fast the connection will be. Vice-President Charles McKee assures us that the Airlines has every intention of providing this service “across its North American fleet” in the future.

I had recently flew on WestJet Airlines last month and was VERY impressed with their LIVE Satellite TV feature. Technology these days are getting better and better – and I love it! We watched the Olympics on NBC all the way from Winnipeg to Las Vegas. The WHOLE plane cheered when Usain Bolt broke the record for the 100-meter dash just minutes before we landed, I think the flight attendants got nervous that something had happened on the plane.