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Top Tuesdays is a weekly exclusive column that will feature Winnipeg’s top 5 or 10 places, things, people, and everything else. If you have any suggestions for a Top Tuesday feature, please send it to us in the submit news page.


Groceries are something everyone needs. Winnipeg may not have as much selection as other cities, but we get by great with what we have! Here are my favorite top 5 places to get groceries. And don’t forget the infamous grocery tip: Don’t EVER go Grocery Shopping Hungry!

A Costco membership currently will run you $55.00, but check out our post here to find out how you can get one for $30! Costco is perfect for those with large families. They offer great discount on a large quantity of a single product – however, its not recommended if you are looking for just quick diners for the week. They also got a KILLER fast food restaurant inside with some AMAZING poutines!

The Real Canadian Superstore
Also known as ‘RCSS’ or ‘SuperValue’. Superstore has really stepped it up. They’re latest store is the St. James location which is a beautiful – well lit building with a fitness centre on the second floor AND a sushi bar! Most of the Superstores in Winnipeg used to be ‘SuperValues’ with the photolab hanging above the store. Since then almost all of them have gone major renovations to become more modern. Looking for a retro flashback? Then hit up the Superstore on Grant. This Superstore still has shadows of ‘SuperValue’ on the exterior as well as the retro ‘Hanging’ photolab and miniature electronics department. The Superstore on McPhilips is currently in the middle of their exterior renovations as well. Look forward to the Sushi Bar opening soon at the Pembina/Bison location. Superstore is a great place to get your groceries, sign up for a PC Mastercard and earn bonus points when you shop there. Various Superstores also have fresh Pizza available. I personally am not a fan of the Superstore Pizza, BUT the hot dog stand outside the McPhilips Superstore must be the BEST HOT DOGS in TOWN!

Safeway is on its way as well… more and more are getting renovated to become more modern looking buildings, and the partnership they have made with Starbucks is a definite plus! Safeway currently offers a free ‘Club Card’ membership that gives you VARIOUS savings on a lot of their products. They also accept airmiles so you can rank in those airplane points faster… another awesome deal are the ‘bonus airmiles’ that you sometimes get for purchasing certain products. Freshly cooked foods are also available including Spicy Potato Wedges and Rotisserie Chicken… others even have Perogies!

A few years ago a lot of you noticed your local IGA turn into Sobeys. Though some of the IGA locations survived the takeover (Maples IGA) – most of them are now beautiful Sobeys locations. I’ve always loved shopping at Sobeys… they have great produce, fresh deli, and great ready meals such as Potato Wedges, Chicken Pot Pie, and Rotisserie Chicken! Though Sobeys doesn’t offer any loyalty rewards such as its competitors, it makes up for it with competitive prices and the famous DOLLAR DAYS!

M&M Meat Shops
My favorite of them ALL :) The ultimate spot for the lazy cook! M&M Meat Shops offers a LARGE selection of precooked meals that can be ready in just minutes. It can turn ANYONE into a gourmet chef – and I am living proof! They’re Chicken Strips are some of the greatest I’ve ever had. A membership is also available for even more savings! So.. the next time you got a ‘hot’ date, cook her up a ‘fresh’ meal from M&M Meat Shops – just remember to hide the bag!

Honorable Mention: Giant Tiger
Winnipeg born Giant Tiger is also moving up the ladder when it comes to groceries. Their in-house ‘Value’ products have some great taste – and they are currently the only place I know that sell ‘Pizza Poppers’ (Mini Pizza Pops)