Back in July, Akon visited the MTS Centre and he performed a cool stunt where he floated across the MTS Centre on a harness.

Last week, Akon tried the same thing at one of his shows in South Africa (You can’t really see it but hes connected on a wire while hes in the crowd to go up and down) Lets just say the crowd in South Africa wasn’t as calm as the crowd in Winnipeg while Akon floated above them. Ladies all over the crowd grabbed Akons pants exposing his bare ***. He was also forced to land since the harness couldn’t pull him back up from all the crazy fans holding on to him. While landing, the frustrated Akon pushes one girl, throwing her into the crowd – then punches another on in the face to get her off him. Wow – check out the video above.

This isn’t the first time Akon has got himself in trouble for crowd interaction. Last year Akon got himself into a lot of trouble for throwing a kid off the stage. The kid had thrown something at Akon, so he asked the crowed to point him out. The crowed identified him and Akon invited him up on stage. As soon as the kid got up, Akon scooped him up and threw him back… the video is after the jump (read more)


Akon Concert Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg