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I didn’t hear about this till this morning. I heard my mom talking about it on the phone with one of her friends and it sounded pretty crazy… apparently it is as crazy as it sounds.

Redwood Avenue and McGregor was the site of the first attempt. 7 a.m,, on the morning of the 26th, a man armed with a knife approached a woman in her car who was stopped at a red light. He opened the door (why wasn’t this locked?!) and tried to have his way with the car. She stepped on it and got away. Next attempt was again on McGregor Street, where an older man got his window smashed as two people tried to steal this poor guy’s car. He apparently got out, saw one of them had a knife, pushed them away and jumped back into his car for a safe retreat.

Not much can be done about people smashing your windows while driving. The streets just ain’t as safe as we want them to be. We should at least lock our doors while driving.