Bike Lane Originally uploaded by Imagined Reality

Anyone who has driven down Higgins in the past three months would have noticed that the “sharrows” that were painted on the roads to make them safer for cyclist are starting to disappear. This was because they choose to use environmentally friendly paint to promote an environmentally friendly method of commuting.

First off, even when they were not washed off what the hell were they doing?

When I first heard of the initiative, I didn’t understand exactly what a sharrow was. I though it was a designated area on the road for bikes. After a ride down Higgins I realized they were only pictures of a bike painted on an existing lane that is used by cars. Is that picture going to help make that car not hit the cyclist? If they can’t see the cyclist, do you think they would see the little white bikes painted on the road.

We have already wasted $100,000 on this useless street art. Let’s not do it over again with better paint and rather invest this money on giving cyclist a safe place to ride.