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Time’s are a changin’. Our five point merit system is a thing of the past. MPI plans to have a new +15/-20 point system put in place to help out the better drivers of the province. The system is still in the works and won’t actually be looked at by officials until fall of 2009, but the gist of it sounds simple so far.

Basically, the higher you are in the count, the more of a discount you get! This is going to make it a real problem for anyone who racks up at-fault accidents more than others but really sweet for the normal everyday driver who’s only ticket received in years has been coming out of a movie theatre. The system makes it easy to climb up the chain as long as you aren’t having consistent at-fault accidents. Makes sense. The less money (if any) you are taking out to cover accidents, the less you should be putting into the pot. Fall under that 0 mark though, and you may want to reevaluate your driving habits.

MPI has a traveling information booth going around right now. So for more info and what not, you should hit that up. It’ll be stopping by the Garden City Shopping center this Wednesday and Thursday, then Polo Park Shopping center on Friday and Saturday.