T-Mobile and Google announced the first ever Google phone today, simply named ‘G1’

To avoid listing ALL its features, it does everything the iPhone does, plus more! It also runs off ‘Android’ a new open source platform that Google has acquired.

For all the non-geeks out there… I am going to try to explain Closed Source vs Open Source and all its wonders…

Closed Source is like a rental car with a ‘locked hood’. You can’t change the paint color. You can’t make the engine faster. You can’t put a fancy custom spoiler on. The only way you can get a faster engine, is if you rent a different car – or convince the rental manager to do the upgrades for you.

Open Source is more like a car you own. You can paint it whatever color you want. You can open the hood and see exactly how everything works. You can upgrade the engine. You can add a custom spoiler. You can personalize the car to whatever you may need.

So the beauty of it all is that the G1 will be like your own personal car. You can expect a LOT of customize applications and customized software to be on the G1 phone that can do more than what the applications in the iTunes App Store are limited to doing.

Also another big selling point? The $179 price point.

T-Mobile will be launching the phone in the U.S. on October 22. No news yet on a Canadian provider partnership with Google. But just like the iPhone and AT&T, we probably wont see it until the ‘G2’ release – and most likely on Rogers/Fido.


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