Will Trade Sister for New Video Games Originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft

Remember that bylaw that passed in June and was updated in July? You know, the one about reporting and stunting the resale of all goods within Winnipeg? Of course you don’t. Because I don’t. EB Games sure didn’t either.

I went today to trade in a couple games for Tales of Vesperia. Corey from EB Games Garden City was kind enough to explain all the legal mumbo jumbo for me.

– Credit acquired from game trade-ins may only be used towards games and cannot meet or exceed the amount of the game you wish to purchase. Any remaining credit must be used towards another title, no matter how small, either purchased on the spot or put toward a pre-order.

– Credit acquired from console (game system) trade-ins may only be used towards systems. Just like games, your trade in value cannot be used towards a system unless it registers lower than the cost of the new one. The remainder, should it exceed, would be put towards a pre-order or purchase of another system.. like a Playstation 4… or something.

Basically, it means you can’t get anything for free anymore. Any item you choose to walk out with at EB must have had actual money put towards it. The nice thing about it is that there’s no minimum amount. So, if you’re buying a 10 dollar game, you can use 9.99 of your in store credit and put 1 cent towards it… but that 9.99 had to have been from your game trade in credit.. cuz you know, credit from your accessories or consoles won’t count.

This only applies to Winnipeg. Selkirk’s EB Games are not under this law and still have those sweet trade in 3 games get one free and trade in 10 games and get a PS3/360 for whatever deals.

Rumor says this was born from this bylaw. It actually makes the resale of anything in Winnipeg a little harder. Something about reporting all resales to the Police. I just might have to sell something to someone, just so I can report it. How many wanna bet I’ll have a hard time reporting my sale?