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It’s that time of the year again. Little kids dressed up in scary (and sometimes cute) costumes, unemployed teenagers milking people out of candy (then TP’ing their house) and PUMPKIN CARVING!!!

That last one is always my favorite…even more so than the naughty nurse and devil costumes that are popular at a lot of parties…well not more, but close.

So this week for Top Tuesday (sorry we’re a day late), we present you with some ideas for carving your pumpkin…

Everyone carves their pumpkins differently. I prefer to do something different each year. The first here is a traditional. Simple. Eyes, mouth, teeth, etc. These are for beginners but at the same time, allow your kids, nieces, nephews, etc to help out. [flickr]photo:2966022924[/flickr]

The next is the simple, but creative. Notice Pacman is a pretty simple shape. Nice and easy to carve, but the end result is super creative. [flickr]photo:2966011740[/flickr]

This one is great. it’s a simple Halloween theme (zombies if you can’t see it) but different than the typical angry or smiley pumpkin face. [flickr]photo:2966011608[/flickr]

Some people don’t believe in carving right through, but rather just scraping off the outside and letting a little bit of light through. The effect is pretty cool, but the amount of skill to pull this off is incredible. [flickr]photo:2965166281[/flickr]

My favorite is a themed pumpkin. This is Jack Skellington from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’. It was a great movie that had a great story behind it. I believe Jack will be visiting my house this year. [flickr]photo:2965166081[/flickr]

So that’s what I’ve got. There are a lot of other designs out there so send in your pics and we’ll throw them up here. Have a happy and safe Halloween.