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Its official! Futureshop will be getting a Canadian exclusive Dark Knight Blu-ray Steelbook for $32.99 on December 9. With the Dark Knight arguably being the greatest movie of 2008, there’s no doubt in my mind that this exclusive Blu-ray steel book will sell out immediately and become a VERY rare collectors item (Similar to the Iron Man Blu-ray Steelbook)

What is a steelbook? It is a new ‘craze’ or ‘collectors item’ that has been hitting North America. They are a new form of ‘Special Edition’ DVD or Blu-ray casing that is made of reinforced tin. They are always produced in limited quantities and often sell out. Until now, most Blu-ray steelbooks have been Canadian Futureshop Exclusives. They often sell for CRAZY prices on eBay to Americans who can’t get their hands on them.

How much extra is it for a steelbook? None at all, steelbooks are usually sold at the same price as regular editions.

Past exclusive Blu-ray steelbooks include I Am Legend, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and now The Dark Knight.

Steelbooks are available in both DVD and Blu-ray but the Blu-ray edition is what usually sells out during the first day of sales.