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Jeff Dunham, the “voice” of Walter, Peanut, Achmed the dead terrorist, Melvin and Jose Jalapeno (a jalapeno? Yes, jalapeno…on a stick) is finally bringing his Spark of Insanity to Winnipeg.

If you recall, about 5 months ago we let you know about his show coming to North Dakota but there were no Canadian dates announced at the time.

Well, on January 31st of 2009, he will be bringing his tickle trunk (wait, wrong guy) to the MTS Centre.

Right now you can catch Jeff Dunham’s Christmas Special on the Comedy Network to “prep” you for this show.

On top of this great news, we have 2 bonuses for you. First…the PRE-SALE password…WALTER. Second, these YouTube clips of some of his performances.

DISCLAIMER…If you start laughing out loud and getting strange looks from others then…well, that’s it. Enjoy!


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