Pimpmobile at the Safeway Originally uploaded by Telstar Logistics

On December 10, the Safeway at Ellice and Wall will close its doors for good. This Safeway actually holds some sentimental value to me. When my parents first immigrated to Canada their first home was the apartment complex just across this Safeway. Being in the heart of an inner-city community, it was always only a walk or short bus ride away. I don’t remember much – but I’m sure that most of my infant nutrients came from this Safeway. Many locals that live around the area will now have to commute further to get their groceries, or get them at smaller high mark-up corner shops.

Safeway says that the location has been underperforming and is too expensive to upgrade. Safeway has been doing a very heavy facelift projects on all its Winnipeg Safeways such as the one on Keewatin.

The Polo Park Shopping Mall location will be closing as well in favor of a ‘Super’ Safeway at Ness and Route 90 just down the street from the Mall (The old Hooters location)