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“The Flying Tomato” is set to land onto a video game console near you TODAY! Just in time for this years snowboarding season.

If you don’t know who Shaun White is then you’ve probably been sleeping under a rock. He’s the king of the Superpipe and he is dominating the snowboard world. Basically to put it all into a nutshell, he’s the Tony Hawk of snowboarding.

The fact that he’s the equivalent to Tony Hawk on a snowboard is making this game pretty interesting. The Tony Hawk franchise has almost been untouchable with it’s revolutionary look on skateboarding games for the next gen consoles. “Shaun White’s Snowboarding” is expected to bring the same dish to the table, offering the “moves people only dream of doing in real life” style tricks (or at least I’m hoping it will).

I’m kind of worried though because I’ve seen the character customization and all the clothing is Burton and Forum. It all seems like a ploy to advertise Burton’s and Forums new line of snowboarding gear in the ’08/’09 season. Nonetheless I think it’ll at least be worth the rental at the local video rental store.

Video Game Trailer


To check out more video game info jib on down to The Official Shaun White Snowboarding website.