Krzysztof Soszynski Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

I never thought that I would see that day that someone from Winnipeg would enter UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter. Let alone make it to the semi-finals.

Winnipeg’s own Krzysztof Soszynski moved on to the semi-finals last night by defeating Arizona native Kyle Kingsbury. It was a pretty short fight only lasting 1 round.
Near the end of the round Krzysztof was taken down by Kyle Kingsbury but still managed to get into a full guard position. Krzysztof grabbed a hold of Kyle’s arm, putting him into an armbar. Best part of the win was that Kyle wasn’t even able to tap out because his other arm was trapped. So instead he ended up shouting out “TAP TAP TAP”.

The finale of The Ultimate Fighter is sheduled for Saturday December 13th 2008  . Lets hope Krzysztof makes it!

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