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All weather forecasts seem to be pointing to some light snow by the end of the week! So here is a small list of the top 5 things you should do before the snow falls again this season.

5. Put On Your Winter Tires

Though it wont be too icy yet, it’s a good idea to have the snow tires on your vehicle ready. Do yourself a favor, leave a bit earlier when the first snowfall occurs so you can safely adjust to the snow on the ground!

4. Make Sure You Have a Snow Scraper in your Car

Nothing’s worse than going to work and finding out on the way home that a foot of snow fell. So make sure you have a snow scraper in your car ready so you don’t have to use your hands (or break your wipers) to get all that snow off!

3. Buy Winter Gear

If your winter gear didn’t survive last year then its good idea to pick some up now. Gloves and a Touque is probably a good start. A nice pair of boots as well since it will probably be really slushy during the first week of snow fall.

2. Fix/Setup Your Christmas Lights

Your Halloween decoration should be down by now. A great idea is to get the Christmas lights up before the snow falls. It’s a lot safer and easier to do when things are dry! If you leave the Christmas lights up all year long, then its a good time as well to replace all burnt out bulbs.

1. Put Away the Summer Vehicle

Winnipeg is HORRIBLE for the amount of sand/salt we use on our streets. So if you can, put away the $40k summer car to keep it in nice shape. Motorcycle owners probably want to put theirs away as well.