** From guest editor airgasm ***

Having seen Rise Against the last time they played Winnipeg at the Convention Center I knew what I was in store for.

However playing at the MTS Center this time around would make it that much more of an experience. We arrived too late to see Sage Francis, and didn’t care much for Thursday. Once Rise Against hit the stage though I was all ears! They played a great set including many great songs from their old CD’s and a great selection from their new CD – Appeal To Reason.

The crowds energy was enormous as expected and the sounds from the MTS center was far superior to that of the Convention Center.

Rise Against is one of those bands that I will continue to listen to all the time, and will go to their shows every time they are in town. I’d rate this concert at a 4.5 out of 5, simply because I am not a fan of Thursday.

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