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If you are anything like me, then right now you have a huge Christmas shopping list with nothing ticked off. You try to extended the inevitable only to realize that the day has finally come where you have to jump into the lions den and join the beasts of Christmas shopping. Here is your survival guide to get your way out of that den and into the holiday spirit.

With various 24-hour locations across the city Wal-mart is the PERFECT place to get last minute shopping done. They have a wide variety of selection, gift cards, and competitive prices. All Wal-marts also have a McDonalds built-in so enjoy a Big Mac after a long day of shopping. Wal-mart has also created a new high-speed efficient express lane that should get you out of the store as quick as possible!

Click here for a list of 24-hour stores in Winnipeg.

Superstore has jumped on the 24-hour wagon as well! When you think Superstore, you think groceries – but Superstore has moved up from the Supervalue days. They now have a well developed electronics department for the tech-geek in your life. A sub-par toy section for the kids. And the ‘Joe’ fashion clothing line for some quick stocking stuffers.

Click here for a list of 24-hour stores in Winnipeg.

Polo Park Shopping Centre
Polo Park has extended is shopping hours for those who can’t stand crowded malls. I was at Polo Park last Friday at 10pm and it was one of the most peaceful shopping experiences of my life. Polo Park will be open till 11pm for its ‘Moonlight Magic’ shopping event on December 19.

Click here for an extended list of Polo Park’s shopping hours.

St Vital Shopping Centre
The St Vital Mall will not have any extended shopping hours this year. However, it is still a great option for your ‘one stop’ shop location. It has a Wal-mart built in that you can always go to as a last resort. I’d recommend going to this mall during the lunch hour on weekdays. I’ve been to this mall various times at those hours and find it very easy to get around.

Click here for an extended list of St Vital’s shopping hours.

Big gifts aren’t always what people need. Dollarama is your perfect spot for Stocking Stuffers or the $5/$10 gift exchange idea! They have a wide selection of almost anything you can think of to fill those stockings this holiday season.

Click here for a list of Dollarama locations in Winnipeg.

BONUS: Where NOT to do Last Minute Shopping
Online shopping has probably reached its cut off date by now. Unless you are willing to pay for overnight delivery – do not expect any online gift purchases to make it here by Christmas. Christmas is the BUSIEST time of the year for the post office. A lot of folks are sending parcels and gifts to their loved ones and shipments are ALWAYS delayed. eBay is probably your worst bet as you have no control over when the seller will ship the item. So if you were thinking of purchasing some gifts online – you might want to go to plan-b.

This will be the last Top Tuesday before Christmas… I hope you all get what you wished for!