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It’s been a great year Winnipeg! Here we recap the most read stories on in 2008. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy new year!

5. Winnipeg Transit Ready to Strike
The announcement of a possible strike for Winnipeg trasit had the whole city talking in 2008. But after on-again off-again strike talks, they were finally able to hit a agreement.

4. IMPRESSIONS: America’s Best Dance Crew Tour‘s America’s Best Dance Crew Tour hits number 4 on the most read article of 2008. With amazing flips and routines, why wouldn’t it be!

3. Q94 FM is Now Curve 94.3
One of Winnipeg’s most known radio stations bit the bullet this year and renamed itself to a Curve 94.3 – a more alternative pop feel. Many Winnipegers have been very happy with the change but Q94 will still be missed.

2. Winnipeg Walmart 24-Hour Locations
For the first time ever, Winnipeg got a bunch of 24-hour locations which made Winnipeg go crazy. This was the 2nd most read article of 2008. It looks like Winnipegers like to shop in peace just like me.

1. Blue Bomber Cheerleader Scandal
And the most viewed article of 2008 is the one and only Blue Bomber Cheerleader scandal. With the Blue Bombers at a horrible start for the 2008 season, this scandal was the only thing that really got them in the press.