Are you a fan of the NBA Slam Dunk Competition? I’ve always been a fan, weather it’s Jordan taking off from the free throw line, Isiah Ryder with the under the legs, or Howard with the kinda but not really superman costume dunk. It’s always been a way for pros to showcase their dunking skills. The NHL has an answer to the famous slam dunk competition.

It’s called the NHL Breakaway Competition. It’s where players battle it out by dipping into their sick bag of tricks and showing them off one on one against a goalie on a breakaway.

*Above is some footage of last year’s Breakaway Challenge Finals*

Washingtons’  Ovechkin will defend his Breakaway title against..

Other NHL competitions being held today are:

The festivities start at 7pm and should be aired on CBS.

Image nhl all star Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg