Reminder to please get your videos in as soon as possible. We’ve got a great response so far and look forward to posting all the wonder Winnipeg music we’ve been getting!

Access Winnipeg is proud to celebrate and support homegrown Canadian Music with its 1st Annual Canadian Music Week.

From March 11 – 14 we will feature videos from various Winnipeg-grown musical talents.

How It Works: During the week of March 11 – 14 our site will be filled with local amateur/independent Winnipeg musicians and artists. We are open to any forms of music and genres! Bands, dancers, djs, singers, musicians, producers, drummers, pianists, the works!

The Goal: To showcase Winnipeg’s passion and love for music.

If you would like to be part of this event, please send a YouTube or Facebook video link, short profile on yourself, and contact information to

Thanks to Saad Gabuna for the wonderful promotional video below.