After 2 days in court, Vincent Weiguang Li was found Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) for the murder/beheading/mutilation of Tim McLean last July.

Li will go to a mental health facility (most likely Selkirk Mental Health Centre) instead of a prison. Li’s long-term fate would be in the hands of doctors who will evaluate him on a yearly basis and decide if he is no longer a risk to society.

The verdict did not come as a surprise as both the Crown and Defence seem to have agreed that Li was suffering a major psychotic episode at the time of the killing.

Carol deDelley, the mother of Tim McLean, vows to go to fight so that Li never sees freedom again. “I’m going to fight to keep everyone safe from him,” deDelley said. “If it means going (to court) every year, I’ll go every year. Instead of birthday parties, it’ll be NCR hearings.”

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