Audiomaxxx was one of the largest suppliers of pirated DVDs and CDs in Canada. They were supposedly shipping out tens of thousands of DVDs and CDs a month from their Pembina Hwy location here in Winnipeg.

On March 5, 2008, the RCMP raided the Audiomaxxx offices and seized about 100,000 pirated CDs and DVDs that were labelled and ready for shipment. They also seized equipment that had the ability to produce over 11,000 discs a day. 30 percent of bootlegged dvds/cds found in Toronto are suspected to originate from this very store. It was the largest music and movie video piracy raid in Canadian history.

Rajdeep Singh Ramgotra, 32, of Winnipeg was charged with 52 offences under the Copyright Act, involving the manufacture and sale of pirated music CDs and movie DVDs. Three others were arrested during the raid but they will not be charged.

Ramgotra first court appearance will be on June 8.


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