The Manitoba Government has announced that University and College tuition fees will be going up next academic year.

University students will see a 4.5 per cent increase in tuition fees per class, while College students will pay $100 more than they did last year.

Though this is tragic news for students, it is a long waited announcement that University and College administrators have been waiting for. Rising salaries, budget shortfalls and shrinking endowment fund investments are making it difficult for University and College administrations, and the increase in tuition still falls short in solving their problems.

“We believe there could have been a larger increase, Tuition in Manitoba is still way below national average.” – Red River president Jeff Zabudsky.

Zabudsky does have a point. Manitoba’s University tuition is $1,000 below the Canadian average. College tuition is $700 below the national average.

Students are reminded that even with this increase, you can still receive up to 60% of your tuition fees back with the Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate.


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