With Manitoba seeing one of the worst floods in centuries this year, mosquitoes are expected to take over Winnipeg this summer. Many mosquitoes will spawn in the soft and damp soil left over for the high river levels last month.

The city is working hard with the province to make sure we can control the mosquito population. Mayor Sam Katz was on the HOT 103 morning show with Ace Burpee today and stated that the fight against mosquitoes will be a joint effort with the provincial government. There are numerous patches of standing water in rural areas of Manitoba that will produce a large population of mosquitoes. These populations will eventually make it into the city.

What can you do to help?
You can report any large bodies of standing water to the city. Standing water makes the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you see any large bodies of standing water, you can report it by calling 311.

Image Mosquito bite Originally uploaded by James Jordan