Respirator masks have been flying off the shelves in Winnipeg even though health officials have said that it is unnecessary and will simply cause panic. A medical supply store in the city is also advertising the sale of masks with a large sign outside.

So with all these masks selling… how come we have seen people walking around with them? It seems that Winnipegers are simply purchasing these masks as a precaution in the event a global/local outbreak is announced. There hasn’t been a case of the Swine flu (officially renamed to H1N1) in Manitoba so masks are not required.

The best mask out there right now is the N-95. It is recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada and CDC. It has the ability to filter out 95 per cent of airborne particles.

Check out some of these masks that were found in Mexico. If you have to wear a ridiculous mask, might as well wear them in style.

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